Rob Gronkowski Deserved this Suspension

Rob Gronkowski Deserved this Suspension

December 4, 2017 0 By tailgatesports


       Even the Patriots have tweeted that star tight end Rob Gronkowski deserved his suspension.  While some Twitter guy doesn’t really know the attitude of Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick, one thing is for sure.  Bill Belichick does not tolerate stupid penalties, no matter which player commits them.  Up 23-3, why is Rob Gronkowski committing such a silly, unnecessary, after the whistle hit?? Was he held on the pass play? Yes, but the referees simply missed the call, possibly because the score was so lopsided.  Honestly, as a Patriots fan, I was a little disappointed in the way Gronk handled this whole situation.  He hit a defenseless player from behind and gave him a concussion.  All this does is spark anger from the Buffalo Bills the next time we play them.  You cannot tell me that the Bills won’t at the very least be extra-motivated for when they visit Gillette Stadium on Christmas Eve.  


   Where’s the Gronk of 2014 in this link against the Colts? He was upset then too, but squared up and drove a Colts defender all the to the sideline into a camera. One of my favorite Gronk plays ever, he displays his tremendous strength and talent as a blocker and puts safety Sergio Brown on a sled while Jonas Gray scampers into the end zone. This is just a fair, clean football play, displaying Gronkowski as a absurdly gifted beast.  Fast forward to last Sunday, and I’m thinking “Wait until the next play, Gronk.”  Everyone in the stadium knows Rob Gronkowski can light up Tre’davious White.  He should have put him on a sled as well or simply burned him again on a route.  Instead he opts to cheap shot White, and after the game, offers an after the fact apology.  Gronk displayed a terrible thought process, and he deserves to be suspended quite frankly.  In addition, on the heels of Ryan Shazier’s gruesome injury tonight on Monday Night Football, targeting someone’s head should be an issue the NFL must not take lightly.  White could’ve been seriously hurt just because of Gronkowski’s hot-head display of frustration.  

   Now, against Miami, Rob Gronkowski will be out, further diminishing the depth of Tom Brady’s injury-riddled receiving core.  The good news for New England is that he will return for the huge matchup the following week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, a tilt that could very well decide home field advantage in the AFC.



Written by Will McGuinness