Hearthstone and Precognition

Hearthstone and Precognition

January 25, 2018 0 By tailgatesports

For those who keep up with competitive Hearthstone, both as spectators and competitors, the road to the Hearthstone World Championship is a long and arduous journey. During the tournament, everyone is on the edge of their seats, eager to see who will the crown as the new reigning world champion. Everyone, except one person; the event worker with precognition.

For a little context, the Hearthstone World Championship recently took place, with the competitors Frank “Fr0zen” Zhang and Chen “tom60229” Wei Lin in the finals. Fr0zen tore through the tournament with his Jade Druid deck (among others), had been favored to win, and was even poised to do so in the finals with a lead of 2-0 in a best of 5. During the third match celebratory confetti began to rain all around the stage, insinuating that a winner had been decided. However, this was not the case. With competitors staying composed, the game went on, resulting in a victory for Tom60229, who was still down 2-1. Tom60229 then went on the win the fourth game, and even the fifth, securing the spot as the number one player in the world.

Now most people might say this was an error that the event worker made. They might say he slipped and hit the wrong button, or maybe became over-excited about the match and needed the entire venue to feel what he going through. But we here at Tailgate Sports know what really happened. No error was made. Everything went the way it was supposed to. The worker who made the so-called “slip-up” knew exactly what was happening, and what was going to happen. Using his precognition (ability to see into the future) he was able to learn that Tom60229 was going to win the tournament. And being an enormous Tom60229 fan, this worker could not contain his excitement for his favorite player’s victory. We considered the confetti premature, but isn’t time just a human construct anyway? The event worker would say so, and in the same breath explain why he never doubted Tom60229 to begin with.

We applaud Tom60229 for his well earned victory, he worked hard for it. We also appreciate all psychics who are helping the eSports scene grow, but for next time, please let those of us who can’t see into the future find out for ourselves rather than discovery through confetti spoilers. As an avid facehunter player, thinking ahead is not something I like to do.



Written by Garrett Fulwider